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August 15, 2017


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Expect the Unexpected when Having Twins

Finding out that you are having twins can be overwhelming. It’s shocking enough to welcome a new baby, but two! It’s expected that some moms feel afraid. So, we will help you prepare and understand what you can anticipate when expecting twins.

Common Fears
First, it is indeed natural to be left whirling from the big news that you are not just going to look after one, but two babies. When reality sinks in, you will soon feel excited but there are still common concerns that most pregnant women, with twins, worry about. The most common worry and also is a natural fear to have is about the complications with birth. But statistics show that women giving birth to twins are very safe and without any major problems.

Depression is also common for women pregnant with twins. First, women with multiple pregnancy tend to gain more weight than those with just single pregnancy. It is common that pregnant women worry how to lose the extra gained weight after giving birth, so those who are having twins think they also have twice as much to lose.

Statistically, women who planned on having twins less likely suffer from depression. As carrying twins can increase your likelihood of depression, it is advised that you see your doctor more often to monitor how you are doing physically and emotionally.

Be Prepared
You need to have everything ready so that when the twins arrive you have all you need. Hand-me-downs are of great help, but you still need to buy certain items just for your twins.

Double strollers are very useful for moms about to give birth with twins, so better check the best models before their arrival. Two cribs, two portable baby strollers, and car seats are essential especially when you need to go around.

It’s quite difficult to choose the best car seats in the market so make sure you have read online reviews first before purchasing.

A lot of planning and preparation is needed when having twins. Invest in the most important things that will make your life as a new mom of twins as easy as can be. Having twins is expensive, it is better to ask for hand-me-downs like clothes, toys, baby monitors among others.

If you already have babies before, you surely have some items that your twins can still make use of. But if it’s your first time to be a mom, you need to make sure you have all things necessary. Thinking about the things to prepare can be very overwhelming. So ask experienced mothers and friends to help guide you to build up your essentials so you are completely ready for the much awaited arrival of the twins.